White Papers

Defending Tourism Marketing

A response to the primary objections to funding state tourism marketing in Florida.

The Business Costs of LGBT Discrimination in Florida

A study by Thinkspot conducted for Equality Means Business demonstrates the cost of LGBT discrimination in the workplace and the marketplace.

Where Your Board Belongs: A Primer on Strategic Thinking

Your strategic planning process is ineffective. It’s doing more harm than good. Board members sense that their time and talent is being wasted in the process. Even if they haven’t voiced it yet, directors are wondering if they are really adding value. To make things right, we need to acknowledge the difference between strategic planning and strategic thinking.

Structural Economic Development

Economic growth is not economic development. When we mistake growth for development, we confuse activity with progress. Read more for Thinkspot’s take on structural economic development.

Engagement Makes Good Policy Happen

The power of social movements — mobilized public opinion — is undeniable. Just ask lobbyists who have recently fallen short of their clients’ objectives at the hands of the opposition’s superior grassroots engine.

A Look at Old and New Challenges to Florida’s Economic Strategy Development

The combined impact of the knowledge economy, loss of middle class, dynamics of production and legacy strengths threaten the Sunshine State.

The Leap to Prosperity

Introducing Economic Progress & Transformation Economics

Regionalism: A Chasm and Two Bridges

Understanding the fundamental principles of regionalism.