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For those communities currently frustrated by the predominant model of economic development, the concepts of economic progress and transformation economics championed by Thinkspot may seem revolutionary. But time spent in our knowledge center demonstrates the enduring principles supporting our approach can be traced back to the founding father of economics, Adam Smith, and his Theory of Moral Sentiments published in 1759.

Thinkspot owes its approach to the considerable influence of 20th century economists, such as Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Joseph A. Schumpeter, not to mention recent works by James Buchannan, Israel Kirzner, Randall Holcombe, David Audretsch. David Harper, David Hart and the scholars associated with Public Choice Theory, Entrepreneurship and others referenced in this knowledge center.

The white papers, links, articles, book summaries and related content provided here are intended to share the philosophical foundations underpinning Thinkspot’s brand of transformation economics and economic progress. Be forewarned, you’ll find plenty of unresolved issues—and even healthy disagreement—just as you’d expect when dealing with something that requires the integration of art and science.

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Have you authored white papers or articles related to reforming tradition economic development? E-mail, text or call Dale Brill, Founder + Obsessive Thinker, to share your contributions to the Thinkspot Knowledge Center. Also, consider visiting the personal web site maintained by Dale Brill for reviews and summaries of books and articles with a more academic focus.