How We Do It

Whether in business or in community development, when you know the rules better than anyone else it can seem like you’re playing a different game altogether. The tools of Thinkspot’s trade have been honed by experience with the challenges you face and first-hand knowledge of the pitfalls of traditional strategy development. Whether you require a full-service engagement or project-based consulting as a member of a broader team, Thinkspot adjusts accordingly to fit your objectives and timelines.

STRATEGIC THINKING aligns stakeholders around consensus priorities and sustains momentum for implementation and long-term success. (More on thinking here.)

RESEARCH & ANALYSIS gives context and candid insight to the challenges and opportunities facing your organization, region or district.

PUBLIC POLICY DEVELOPMENT & NAVIGATION identifies the strategic paths to create your desired outcomes.

REGIONAL INNOVATION SYSTEMS unlock the mystery of innovation and accelerate the collisions necessary for organic job growth in urban and rural contexts. (Read the case for structural economic development here.)

STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION PLATFORMS create opportunities and champion your policy alternatives.

If you’re doing business today the same way you did five years ago, you’ll be out of work in less than three. Call, text or e-mail Teresa Barber, our Strategic Thinker, to start the conversation about supporting your organizational change, policy development, issues management or regional economic transformation. We’re happy to schedule a teleconference or personal visit to listen carefully to your unique challenges.