The Trouble with Success

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What happens when the discussion moves to one of success, with high jobs multipliers in play and low unemployment? We joyfully shift the community conversation to one of success. But that special conversation brings its own set of challenges. Collaborative partners and leaders in the region need to shift perspective to a long-term strategic view of community prosperity, and consider sustainability and retention as main drivers. While its just as easy to slip into a discussion about recruiting talent from the outside, a community’s collaborative focus has to also stay steady on the intent to make and sustain a talent pipeline that is as seamless as possible. This is where sustainable economic development can best show its colors as a win-win for workers and students (of all ages), as well as incumbent firms and targeted industry. Engagement and coordination across all partners – workforce, K-20 and higher education, CTE & STEM, chambers, incumbent businesses and industry groups, philanthropy, and economic development – really matters for creating and sustaining a vibrant ecosystem for commerce and talent.

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Magic Valley Times-News
Twin Falls Economic Development Group Discusses Workforce Attraction
February 3, 2015
Eric Goodell