What is a Thinkspot™?

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Thinkspot™ is both our brand and our promise to organizations and communities seeking to change the trajectory of their economic future. By pursuing long-term strategies that unlock the power of innovation, the next ten years can be different than the past.

A Thinkspot community improves quality of life by adopting a balanced approach to economic development built on a foundation of existing assets–starting with what its people bring to the table. Relationships (social capital) and talent development (human capital) are the keys to creating momentum toward economic progress. The best part of our line of work is moving from the cold analysis of economic data to the passion and promise of people committed to change.

Consider four tenets of Thinkspot’s economic progress philosophy:

It’s better to eat your own lunch than have it eaten for you. Thriving companies and communities in the global marketplace are obsessed with the continous pursuit of competitive advantage not incremental improvements of efficiency.

Strategic planning has nearly killed strategic thinking.  Planning is certainly necessary to drive operational execution, but only the difficult work of real thinking can prepare you for the curves in the road.

It’s not us versus them. We reject the notion that communities must choose between creating job opportunities for its citizens and caring for the environment. This and other divisive lines drawn in the sand are traps serving only the status quo.

Evolve or die. Dreams of keeping things just as they are fly in the face of what we know about change. The more certain you feel about of your future resembling how it looks today, the more likely you are to be wrong.

So what does it take to become a Thinkspot? The courage of willing champions. In every community, there are a handful of leaders who are fatigued with traditional economic development or frightened by the prospects of falling farther behind. Not only do they know who they are, they recognize it in others of like minds. When champions are armed with the right tools and a little coaching, every community can become a Thinkspot.